Belly painting during pregnancy is becoming an increasingly popular way to celebrate your imminent little arrival, during the last trimester of your pregnancy is the best time for belly painting to take place.

Belly painting is a truly unique experience and great for those special photographic keepsakes of you and your baby bump. Photos will be taken using our own equipment and sent on e-mail at no extra cost.

Upon booking your belly painting we will discuss your requirements and design ideas, and draw up a design for you to be agreed prior to your booking date. Painting times and prices will vary slightly depending on the chosen design.

Your belly painting is best performed in a relaxed comfortable environment, and there is probably no better place than the comfort of your own home. Plenty of cushions and a relaxed atmosphere help make the experience all the more memorable and special. Time will be allowed for breaks should they be needed, and the whole experience will be relaxed and fun.

Why not book a pregnant belly painting experience for your pregnant family member or friend as a truly unique gift.

Please contact us for any further information or to discuss availability and prices, etc.

Belly painting of cottage in snowy christmas scene