Face painting by GlitterArtZi transforms any event big or small, and is enjoyed by boys & girls of all ages. The look on a child’s face when they see their ‘transformed’ face in the mirror is a truly magical moment every time.

We have a large portfolio of pictures displaying many fun, funky and even scary designs to choose from, and these can be adapted or changed in anyway to please each individual. The face painter can also create faces to suit each individual should they have their own ideas !



Adults can experience the fun and excitement of face painting with our range of UV/neon paints making a great addition to hen parties, 18th/21st birthdays, theme nights, etc, and is guaranteed to brighten the occassion and make it even more memorable. Don't worry, you don't have to look like a tiger ! stunning designs can be created around the eyes, cheeks, or on your body (within reason !), and can even be tailored to match your outfit.

We only use approved/professional face paints for the best and most stunning results face after face ! We also have a wide range of face paints and body glitters to choose from, for our face painter to create a truly special face for each person.


Health and Safety

For health and safety reasons we cannot paint anyone who is, or appears to be suffering from measles, chicken pox, eczema , conjunctivitis, rashes, infectious skin conditions, open wounds, or generally unwell with runny nose/cold or flu symptoms. We will not paint children under the age of 3, and we will only paint children who are old enough to understand, and are willing to participate and consent to being painted.

A fresh clean sponge is always used for each face painted, and all materials are thoroughly cleaned after every event. All face paints used by GlitterArtZi are water based and meet the European Union and FDA regulations for cosmetics. We cannot guarantee a reaction will not occur with the products we use, however it is extremely rare for any reaction to occur. If you are unsure or have any concerns, please request a patch test.